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Climate Change is currently the biggest issue that faces us as a planet and is the most real existential threat to not only the human race but to the millions of species that exist in our biosphere. Though several major political bodies have either remained in denial or have chosen to ignore/minimize the issue at hand, the effects of climate change are getting increasingly harder to ignore. Storms, droughts, floods, and fires have become stronger and a lot more frequent. The 2018 intergovernmental report on climate change estimated that the world will face catastrophic consequences unless global greenhouse gas emissions…

It’s 2020, the year of chaos and extreme change, and most of us have been fortunate enough to be able to pause for a second, slow the hustle, and explore thoughts we have never had the time or energy to really go into in the past. Just a few months ago, was a time where between assignments and quizzes and the pressure to maintain a social life, many of us were walking blindfolded, grasping at what we could, the traffic, pollution, and crowded BMTC buses, all contributing to a general lack of clarity interleaved with an illusionary sense of purpose…

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The growing need to process large amounts of data, stored in humungous datasets, and gain valuable insights into the data by means of processing, and detailed analysis is pronounced in an era where companies resort to reading into seemingly insignificant numbers to learn about their customers and shape themselves to meet the needs of the current market. Companies process the data they obtain from web-services, extracted using web crawlers, for business intelligence, market studies, or internal data processing requirements. …

Imagine you have a remote that controls your home theatre system. Normally, the remote will have several different buttons, each controlling specific functions- a button to increase/decrease the volume, one to change the source of the sound from direct speakers to surround sound, another to switch to radio, and maybe one to tune the radio. What if this wasn't the case, and each button affected several different functions all at once, maybe increasing the volume 0.8x, varying the radio’s tuning by 0.6x, and increasing the bass to the maximum? …

Malavika Unnikrishnan

Computer Science student, Deep Learning and Climate Action enthusiast

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